A poem by the Headlands Drama Group


Here is a poem recently written by the Headlands Drama group. They wrote individual reflection pieces and discussed how the Pandemic hit them hard with not being together. Some pupils used a lot of self-reflection and said how much being part of an inclusive group/s at Headlands really helps build their confidence. On young person mentioned that on her 1st day she felt at home when she saw an older boy learning to tie his shoes. She says that the only thing at the time that could help her was to dance, act and sing – to be someone else. When the Drama Group started back up this year, pupils said how they felt happy to be back in their safe space.



When I first joined Headlands, I felt very scared.

There were lots of new faces.

I didn’t feel prepared


Could I be myself

Would people like me

I can get sad, anxious and worried

What would people see.


One day I had a look around

And saw lots of smiling faces

I even saw a 14 year old boy

Learning to tie his laces


Oh wow I thought

You can be you here


It doesn’t matter what you can and can’t do

The staff like you for being you.


So I sang and I danced

Just like I loved to do

Then I got welcomed to a group

Called the Drama Crew.


We put on many shows

Sang and danced as loud as we could

Played lots of fun games

And felt understood.


Drama helps us when we are happy

It helps us when we feel sad

The staff recognize our feelings

And We leave feeling glad


We can be ourselves in Drama

Just like we can around the school

Drama is a safe place

Somewhere we feel cool


We feel worth something when we express

We act out our feelings in a safe place

Staff respond to us happily

We love our positive space.

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