Admissions and reviews


Careful and considered referral process:

Referrals are made through the education authorities and/or by the social services department.  Once we have received all of the relevant information, a series of visits are arranged which will include visits to the young person within their home environment and visits by the parents or carers and young person to the school.  A planning meeting is arranged for all parties to ensure that admission arrangements are agreed.  The first six weeks of the placement includes a comprehensive range of assessments and observations which builds a profile based on a pupil’s educational, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Regular reviews involving all parties:

Each pupil has plans which outline their personal learning, social and therapeutic needs.  They are devised by pupils, parents, carers, placing authority and the school.  These are regularly reviewed, amended and implemented through:

Review meetings throughout the year with all parties to ensure consistency and to agree and implement any changes.

Regular summary meetings with the pupil, key worker and school staff to discuss progress and solve issues together.

An annual review of the young person’s Statement of Educational Needs, allows all parties to review the document to see if it is still accurate and provides what is needed to support the pupil.  It is also an  opportunity to review key findings and any further actions.

Interim transition reviews for Post 16 and potential Post 16 pupils to ensure that actions are agreed, carried out and the pathway plans are monitored.

CSSIW reported that the overall effectiveness of arrangements to support and facilitate positive outcomes for children is excellent

CSSIW Inspection Report 2013

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