Alaska trip 2022


We are planning a trip of a lifetime to the last frontier, Alaska! Our plan is to go to Alaska in November with our amazing group of young people and staff. First, we need to raise enough money to go which we will achieve by doing fundraising events such as a sponsored bike ride, sponsored swims, car washing and other fundraising events we plan on doing.

There are several reasons we want to travel to Alaska. One of them is so we can truly experience the immersive and fascinating lifestyle that the indigenous people live and the things they must do on a daily basis to survive. We also want to learn about the history of Alaska and we plan on doing that by visiting the great museum of the north in the university of Fairbanks which holds several exhibits including fossils from dinosaurs that roamed our planet millions of years ago and there are also expeditions on the wildlife than inhabit the lands of the great wilderness of north. Alongside this we also wish to do activities such as dog sledding, northern lights viewing, snowmobile adventures and ice fishing tours. 

This trip would exponentially benefit our students by giving them the chance to see the beauty that the largest state in America brings and all its challenges. this would be a trip of a life time!! We are extremely passionate about travel and culture and we would greatly appreciate a small donation to help us get to Alaska,

Thank you.

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