An experienced and dedicated team

  • We have a highly experienced and highly qualified staff team and a high priority is placed on retention, support and development of our staff. We expect our staff to embody our values and enact these in daily interactions.
  • We actively recruit using a values-based approach, prioritising people who are good at relationships and share our values. We seek people who can embody respect, expressed warmth, empathy, nurture, care, and who are thoughtful, trusted and committed to their role. We seek also those who can bring an understanding of the impact of trauma. We seek to promote diversity amongst our staff team whenever possible.
  • We have a significant learning and development programme with ongoing assessment and support to ensure our staff are constantly learning and developing. This is provided to everyone in the organisation from the leadership down. Staff engage in annual competency assessments to ensure a high standard of practice.
  • Staff receive regular supervision to support them to embed their training and to support a reflective practice culture across the organisation.
  • Teachers are registered with the Education Workforce Council and residential staff are registered with the Social Care Wales and have all required statutory qualifications.
  • Terms and conditions of staff employment are in line with Action for Children with policies/procedures and with associated benefits e.g. pension scheme. Teachers follow the national pay and conditions.
  • Work life balance is attended to and supported as much as possible for all staff members.
  • Managers work alongside staff. A conscious decision was made that no member of staff would be one step removed from the young people. Everyone works directly with the young people in one context or another, thereby ensuring validity and authenticity in leadership.
  • We work to apply the DDP principles of containment, PACE and healthy challenge to all staff at every level.  Interactions should embody these principles whether it is an adult-child interaction or an adult-adult interaction. We are all people who require this to have healthy relationships.
  • We are empathic about the demands of family life on staff.
  • We aim to hold a position of “if we can, we will” and try to maintain flexibility in terms of staff needs.
  • We value professionalism and have high expectations of each other and are also honest with each other.
  • We believe in the idea of courageous conversations – things are said not unsaid.
  • We believe in intimate, honest, supportive relationships, striving to create a family environment for staff as well as young people.
  • We believe in our staff.

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