Cycling to the Senedd..


On Wednesday October 2nd 2019 Mr. Lucas took Liam Parsons, Corey Emms and Jamie Coombs cycling to the Senedd to join a movement to improve investment in Active Travel across Cardiff.
We’re cycling on the Senedd to:

• Improve air quality
• Tackle climate change
• Reduce congestion
• Improve people’s health
• Provide affordable transport
• Reduce deaths on the road

£20 a head is what Assembly Members say we need to spend; it’s what Scotland gets.
That £20 will bring over £280 in benefits.


Wales really needs those benefits:
• We have record levels of obesity
• Lowest physical activity in the UK
• Congestion costing £2bn per year

Well done to the Spokes boys for taking some responsibility to bring about change!!

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