At Headlands we aim to:-

  • Recognise and respect each child’s unique family make up, however constituted.
  • Recognise family relationships are often under strain at the point of placement and remain non-judgmental and curious about this.
  • Increase connection and positive interactions with family members whenever appropriate
  • Hold a position of acceptance of what is possible for each family member during a child’s time at Headlands.
  • Consider barriers to positive family interactions and to facilitate this if at all possible.
  • Create a healthy family environment within each home and share this with the parents, sharing advice and support wherever possible.
  • Promote physical and emotional safety for the child and family at all times.
  • Ensure that the child’s views in relation to their family life are held at the centre of our thinking at all times.
  • Have acceptance of the child’s connection to family members, even when concerns about these relationships exist, and support the child to negotiate their relationships in a healthy way during their time at Headlands.
  • Maintain a position of curiosity about each child’s experience of their family life.

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