Happy 5th birthday…


  This April, The Drama and Dance group at Headlands school celebrates 

its 5th birthday.




The group was started 5 years ago by Elisha Cope. In the last 5 years this group has gained many members and achieved some outstanding theatre performances and qualifications. There are 3 students who have been members of the group since day 1. They are George Archer, Thomas Chaplin and Kyle Fox. They have worked extremely hard and have watched the group develop and grow.


“The group has become one big family ranging from Key stages 2 – 5. They work together each week, exploring different emotions, activities and plan towards many fantastic productions and festivals. I couldn’t be prouder with the success of this group. I am so glad I took the opportunity when I did because 5 years on and we are stronger than ever.

They make me so proud. Thank you Headlands Drama & Dance Group for always working so hard to achieve your dreams. You are superstars. “





Elisha Cope HLTA

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