New School Logo


As part of our 100 years celebrations, we have decided to use the opportunity to update our school logo.

We presented some options to a variety of staff to gain their views and have agreed on the following.

The brief given to the designer was that we wanted something which reflected new beginnings, strong foundations and growth which we feel is represented by the tree.

The circles represent the approach we take in many of our working practices i.e. circles of understanding, continuous learning, solution circles, the conflict cycle, circle time etc.

The overlapping circles represent the way in which the different aspects of learning overlap, i.e development of social and emotional skills within the school/residential houses/home

The tree extends beyond the school badge to represent lifelong learning, the colours are a nod to our previous logo and the gold is there just cos it looks good!!

You will start to see the logo appear on uniform, and around the school, we are being sent the files to allow us to adapt the wording as we choose, so that we can add wording like Spokes Team, Staff, Volunteer, Peer Mentor, Pupil Council etc.

The reason there are two different colours is that we can use these dependent upon what background they will be placed on.

The use of the logo will be phased in over time as we don’t want to waste resources we already have, however, from now on we would like to start using this logo to represent Headlands so please feel free to include it wherever you feel it would be appropriate.


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