Our ethos


We strongly believe that ‘expectations are everything’.  This means that we hold high expectations of ourselves and our children and young people and what we can achieve together.  We strive to create a positive ethos based on quality relationships.




The culture we aim to create and sustain at Headlands is:-

  • Welcoming, open friendly.
  • Supportive of a mix of needs and backgrounds amongst young people in the houses.
  • Accepting of diversity for young people and staff at Headlands.
  • Open and engaged with whatever the young people bring.
  • Respectful of each individual (young people and staff).
  • Flexible in order to create a family environment wherever possible.
  • Promotes and supports significant relationships wherever possible.
  • Challenging negative beliefs around gender, race, culture etc. whilst also accepting that young people will have reasons for holding these beliefs.
  • We believe in being truthful, even when this can be painful. We believe children have the right to know what is happening in their world.
  • Taking responsibility for mistakes.
  • Making a genuine commitment to relationships, sharing personal experiences when appropriate, committing to bringing our own selves into relationships.

Personal connections with young people are recognised and supported.

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