Person Centred Practice at Headlands School


Headlands school is adopting a more person centred approach in its work.

All staff and young people are in the process of completing their first One Page Profiles – these summaries are a great way for us to tell people what we want them to know – “things people like and appreciate about me, what’s important to me/for me, and how I would like you to support me”. This is a really useful tool in helping us to reflect on what really matters to us and which we would like other people to know.

We will also be introducing person centred reviews which are positively focussed meetings, helping all those in attendance to identify and build upon the things that are going well and plan to improve the things that are not working.   A central feature of a person centred review is the young person’s aspirations and how we can help them to achieve them.


Look out for the new person centred practices…

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