Proof that nurture works…


We are delighted to report that we have provisionally been awarded the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (QMA) for our nurture-based practices in the classroom.  The Nurture Group Network runs an accreditation scheme for excellence in nurturing, and following a formal assessment against national standards by Claire Eccleshall, we successfully achieved the award.

The six principles of nurture are:

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally
  • The classroom offers a safe base
  • The importance of nurture for the development of well-being
  • Language is a vital means of communication
  • All behaviour is communication
  • The importance of transition in children’s lives

The QMA is a real honour for the schools that own it, reflecting not only the hard work of the students but the dedication of the staff, and provides a hard evidential base as proof that nurture works.

Congratulations to teacher Stacey Wiggins and all staff for achieving this award for the school.  Formal notification and certification will follow in due course.



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