School Opening Details


In an effort to strike a balance between responding to the more stringent measures issued by the UK gov to manage the Covid-19 virus and meeting the needs of  our learners, we will be providing the following provision for our children and young people during the ‘school closure period’. 

  • Our residential homes will remain open and fully operational.  All of our residential children and young people will attend school as usual between 10.00am and 3.00pm.
  • To protect the health of our learners and their families and those in our residential homes, we are supporting our day learners to access learning at home.  We have a number of on-line learning platforms and our teaching team will be in contact on a daily basis to set learning tasks, provide feedback on learning and to keep in touch.  We have provided virtual and physical learning packs, and to ensure that our learners have what they need to complete tasks at home, we will be sending out lap-tops and learning resources bundles where needed.  Given the nature of our learners needs, we will be in daily contact with them and their families to see how they are doing.  If we feel concerned about the current arrangements, we will offer periods of on-site education to mitigate the risks.
  • For children who access free school meals, our team have been in contact with local authorities to make arrangements to cater locally for these learners.  We will reimburse the local authority for the cost of the lunches during this time.  Issues regarding this matter can be discussed with Claire Kalemi our facilities manager.  


We have discussed these measures with our learners and their families/carers and they have been incredibly supportive.  Please get in touch if you have further questions and thank-you for your continued support during this difficult time




Matthew Burns

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