Special Interest Groups


Headlands School has several groups of staff who’s responsibility it is to focus on specific pieces of work.

The following is an overview of the groups and the types of work which is carried out by them:

Health and Safety Team (HST)

This team is made up from representatives from Senior and Middle Management from all areas of education, residential and support teams.  We meet once every two weeks and are responsible for monitoring all areas of health and safety which includes keeping risk assessments up to date, internal quality checks, monitoring of staff training and cascading relevant information.  A recent Action for Children quality check stated that our work in this area is “exemplary”.

Pupil Support Team (PST)


Residential Support Team (LST)


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

This team meets once every two weeks and is responsible for the strategic management of Headlands School.

Literacy and Numeracy Team (LNT)


Outstanding Teachers Programme (OTP)



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