Supporting our pupils health and wellbeing


Supporting our pupils health and wellbeing has been at the centre of our focus during the difficult Covid 19 period. Whilst supporting and facilitating opportunities to encourage and develop fitness we are always being educators as well. We understand that in everything we do with our pupils, there is a learning opportunity to be utilised.
To help parents and carers at home to understand how and why we seize these learning opportunities, I have made a short video with one of our pupils. Although it is based around all important exercising at this time, there are a myriad of ways the strategies demonstrated may be applied to any situation.

So, with a view to assisting parents/carers to become better educators, I’ve shared this short video to give examples of how and when we might:
• hurdle help
• encourage and prompt the use of right thinking skills
• encourage the use of a learnt strategy to overcome a sticking point
• link feelings to events (both positive and negative)
• reflect on why some things may have a positive outcome and some may not
• help the pupil look ahead and see a purpose to the effort that he is putting in to today for a better outcome in the future

I hope this helps,

Jonathan de’ Claire
Head of Post 16


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