Supporting our pupils


In partnership with staff, pupils, parents or carers and professionals:

Our expert staff work with  our students, professionals, parent, local schools and colleges, employers, as well as other organisations to help young people develop and grow.  We’ll help pupils to achieve during their time with us, giving them skills they need to progress to further education training and employment.

Participation of pupils:

At Headlands School we have created a culture of involvement and participation so that pupils are involved in every aspect of the school and their own development.  Working together with staff opportunities include:

School videos

Organising trips and after school clubs

Active School Council, suggestion boxes and regular documented children’s meetings

Positive relationships with Key Workers

Peer mentoring scheme

Families and carers:

Effective links between school and home are essential to ensure good quality care for pupils.  We aim to keep parents and carers fully involved in all matters relating to their child and actively seek their views, ideas and consent.  We keep in touch through regular visits, special events, telephone calls and correspondence.


We work with a range of professionals to support the emotional resilience of our pupils.  We aim to keep all referring agencies and other professionals fully involved in the progress of each pupil.  This includes looking for partnership opportunities with colleges and employers to benefit pupils.  Funded through the Welsh Assembly, the students also benefit from regular visits and lessons from an assigned police officer, helping them to develop relationships, learn about safety, social behaviour and community as well as drug and substance misuse.

What is special about Headlands School is the warm welcome I get here.  We have lunch together, lessons together and they get to know me as a person and understand that the police are not as scary as they think.  Ethos is very much about inclusion, each child is seen as an individual.  If you come here you would feel almost straight away the willingness of everyone to get involved, get to know you

  • PC Emma Mudie – Community Police Officer

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