We’re working on well-being!


We have spent some time over the last year talking to pupils about their well-being.

We spoke to 6 focus groups of pupils – one from each key stage, a female only group and a residential pupil group.

The groups were asked the following questions:

–  What does wellbeing mean to you?

– What does it mean for you to be well in school?

– What are the problems with wellbeing that you are currently facing in school?

– What is it like being a young person at school in the world today?


Word frequency clouds showed us what the most common  thoughts of each group were, and how they were different by age, gender and living experience.


This has helped us to understand the highlights and difficulties for each group of young people and has generated work in several key areas.

One of the areas that was raised by the students in key stages 2 and 3 was bullying.  When we investigated the meaning behind the word with the pupils it was clear that small breakdowns and ruptures in relationships were common, but often children felt victimised by their peers.  There was not a good understanding of the difference between conflicts, arguments or falling outs and bullying.

In response to this we have just begun a 2 year whole school strategy  to develop a sense of school connectedness and positive approaches to relationships.  We will be supporting our students as they learn how to cope with the challenges of decision making, recognising and responding to emotions, and understanding relationships with others.

The building of positive relationships is at the core of this work with the aim of de-escalating conflicts and restoring breakdowns.

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