What’s new key stage 2?


Numeracy Focus

KS2 NumeracyOur Primary pupils recently took part in a maths immersion morning.  The topic was data handling and focused on designing and carrying out tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms.  To start the morning, pupils were given a tube of Smarties and practiced their tallying skills, Pupils then thought of their own questions and designed their own charts to record the data.  Pupils then surveyed other pupils around the school, finding out about favourite chocolate bars, sandwich fillings and Sunday dinners!.  Finally, the pupils created their own pictogram.

Literacy Focus

Our Primary unit recently held a literacy immersion morning.  The topic was “magic” and they focused on writing skills, with some magic as inspiration.  To start the morning, a member of the residential staff team was invited into the classroom to show the class some magic tricks.  All pupils and staff enjoyed the show, and some pupils even took part in assisting the magician! KS2 Magic

The pupils then completed written work based on the Roald Dahl book ‘The Magic Finger’, which they have been reading together in class.  Pupils chose who they would point their magic finger at, some even chose Miss. Croft (who may have enjoyed being turned into a cat for the day!) Pupils also designed and wrote about their own magic potions, using everything from bat wings to washing up liquid!


Thematic Learning

The thematic learning topic for this term is Temples, Tombs and Treasures based on the history of Ancient Egypt.  So far pupils have looked at the River Nile and its uses, how the Ancient Egyptians dressed, Pharaohs and what happened to them when they died.

In support of the learning, pupils visited The Egypt Centre at Swansea University on 8th October where they went on a hunt for Gods, made a mummy and played the ancient game of Senet.  Next term, they will be learning more about Tutankhamun, treasures found in tombs and hieroglyphics.egyptcropped

The photograph shows one of our young people trying to look every inch the Egyptian God!



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