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Tenerife at Christmas…..

Over the Christmas holidays, staff and students closed up the residential house and took part in a once in a lifetime trip to Tenerife.

Whilst away the students were able to have a unique experience learning about a different culture and expanding their knowledge of other locations around the world as well as one pupil going on an aeroplane for the first time.

During our stay at the Costa Adeje Palace students were able to try new food and drink and also meet new people and make new friends. The trip was an amazing opportunity for them to learn and practice new language skills.

Whilst away we got to relax and visited one of the largest water parks in the world as well as the zoo learning about dolphins and orca whales. 


The trip was a huge success and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Al fresco dining

gw1We are pleased to report that the recent summer works included upgrading the outside space in our Gelert West residential house, so that young people and staff now have an attractive and useful area for dining and chilling in the sunshine.

Achieving positive outcomes

Residential staff are now using an on-line tool for supporting and measuring personal development of our residential pupils.  The Outcomes Star for children and young people, measures development across eight key indicators which are:

Physical health, where I live, being safe, relationships, feelings and behaviour, friends, confidence & self-esteem and education & learning.

 Young people complete an initial assessment with their key worker, plotting their perceived competence in each area.  AreasSports (3) for development are then clearly identified and an individual action plan created.  Having a clear set of goals helps the young person to develop their skills over an agreed period of time.  Development goals might include socialising with peers, healthy eating, physical exercise and personal hygiene.  The overall aim is to equip residential pupils with appropriate skills to enable them to lead more independent lives beyond Headlands school.

For more information on the use of Outcome Stars, please log on to www.staronline.org.uk




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