Why choose us?


Our learning ethos


We strongly believe that ‘expectations are everything’.  This means that we hold high expectations of our learners and staff and what they can achieve together.  We base our approach on attachment theories which means we feel that building positive and trusting relationships with learners is critical to their success.


We offer a safe a secure environment for learners to develop their confidence and skills.


What we provide:

  • The best possible education and care through a stimulating, productive and forward-thinking environment.
  • We enable pupils to learn, grow, develop and succeed.
  • We give young people the choice and skills to develop into confident, responsible and active citizens.

An experienced and dedicated team:

Supporting our pupils in changing their challenging behaviour is difficult and takes time.  At Headlands we have a unique approach which relies on a highly skilled staff team who are able to deliver consistent and well-structured systems.  Our dedication and expertise helps to ensure that our young people achieve the best possible outcomes in a safe and stable environment.


All staff (including ancillary staff) are trained through our behaviour management model, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), to teach young people better coping skills when faced with a crisis.  The model teaches staff to reflect on their practice and learn more positive ways to manage young people’s complex and challenging behaviour.

Specialist support includes:

Consultant Clinical Psychology support who work with staff

Bespoke packages of education

Special pupil support team

Therapeutic crisis instervention (TCI)


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