Activities and opportunities

Our extra-curricular activities and environment

At Headlands School, we provide an exciting range of extra-curricular activities outside our classroom buildings, where our pupils engage in meaningful and enjoyable learning.


We have a large school site which has the feel of being in the countryside due to its plethora of green and wooded areas.  Our brand new large 4G sports pitch in the centre of the site is a hub of activity often filled with staff and pupils enjoying the outdoors.

Near to the sports pitch, is our Animal Care Centre with alpacas, bees and ducks.

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In Vocational Alley, the Spokes Bicycle Repair shop is where pupils can work alongside a qualified mechanic to repair and restore bicycles.

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Opposite, at our Zero Waste Shop, students can shop ethically and show support for movement to stop single-use plastic. 

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Students with a passion for music, radio or audio recording can follow their interests at the recording studio and radio station facilities. 

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Alongside The Voice radio station is Café 100.  This functioning café provides a space for pupils to relax and socialise and is run by young people who are interested in the hospitality sector.

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Drama and dance

The Drama and Dance Group gives students the opportunity to develop confidence in public speaking and uses dance to improve physical skills.

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Outside of the grounds:

Our school sits on a clifftop in Penarth, overlooking Cardiff Bay.  From the top of the school, you can see the main landmarks in Cardiff, including the Wales Millennium Centre, the Principality Stadium and the Senedd.  The sound of the sea and the bustling Cardiff Barrage provides the soundtrack to our school and daily life.