Young people we support

We are asked to provide placements for many young people, and therefore our admissions process is thoughtful and detailed.

We believe that our school is best suited to young people who…

  • are a good fit for group living
  • require a high level of nurturing
  • need support with their basic needs
  • have experienced multiple adversities
  • have experienced complex trauma
  • have a history of loss or breakdown in their home and/or school
  • have a diagnosis of higher functioning ASD
  • have attachment difficulties
  • have demonstrate some readiness for connection
  • have a high level of vulnerability
  • have a Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • have benefitted from being part of an active community
  • have missed out on vital life experiences
  • demonstrate high risk behaviours

Headlands may not be the correct placement for all the young people we are asked to provide placements for.  Therefore, referrals for young people will be very carefully assessed and discussed by senior leaders.

A young person may not be considered suitable if they regularly misuse drugs and alcohol, or present with high levels of cognition and yet engage in criminal behaviours, high levels of violence or use of weapons.