Staff testimonials

Staff at Headlands love their work and are highly committed to supporting the young people at the school. Here, our staff describe their experiences:

Supporting our young people

“After 13 years at Headlands I can still say I have never had two days the same. The determination of our staff to create a sense of belonging for our pupils and give them the tools they need to cope with difficult feelings and emotions never fails to amaze me.  Working with a group of people who are dedicated to changing the view of our pupils that school is an unsafe place where they experience repeated failure, to a place of security and positivity, is an absolute privilege.”

“Each day I feel like I make a positive difference to the young people.

The dedication staff have in supporting young people, to be able to make a difference in their lives and helping them feel they have a sense of belonging. 

I believe the care and support the young people receive in Headlands is phenomenal.”

Building relationships

“I love working at Headlands. I really enjoy the fact that every person, both staff and pupils are encouraged to be themselves. I have made so many amazing positive relationships here and I love seeing the school and all the staff and learners within it develop and grow.”

“I like working amongst a supportive group of people and making strong relationships with young people to allow them to thrive.”

“I like building relationships with our wonderful young people.”

A great place to work

“I feel valued working at Headlands, and most importantly for me, I enjoy working at Headlands.”

 “I love working at Headlands because we are all one big happy family! It’s a great place to work.”

“The staff team feel like a family.” 

“I love working at Headlands as everyone is so supportive and kind, I’ve never felt like I belonged in any place until now.”

“I am free to be my authentic self with no judgement.”

“We have a great culture, and no day is ever the same.”

“No day is the same and it doesn’t ever get boring.” 

“Every day brings its own set of challenges and rewards.”

“I feel proud to work at Headlands, I believe in the work we do with our young people and enjoy that each day brings different joys and challenges.”

“I enjoy working at Headlands as you develop special relationships with a number of different types of children which is valuable and rewarding.”