Lower School (7-11)

Lower School is a brand-new building catering for up to 24 pupils who require high levels of care, empathy and playfulness. 

The building consists of four classrooms which provide a nurturing and organised teaching space, allowing pupils to work together collaboratively. Our young people also have their own designated work areas for times when they need or want to work independently.  In addition to the four classrooms there are spaces where pupils can cook in a child-friendly kitchen,  be creative in our art room, use technology and books to enhance their learning in Y Hwb or eat and relax in our multi-purpose Cwtsh.

We are committed to developing a curriculum which engages, enthuses and inspires our pupils and staff. There is a strong emphasis on the acquisition and application of skills and knowledge through experiential and active learning. We encourage pupils to influence our curriculum through offering their ‘wonderings’ about different topics.  Our teachers allow the pupils to take the wheel and lead them on a learning journey which is driven by them.  As a result, our pupils are confident in sharing their opinions, see mistakes as an opportunity to learn, and feel that their contributions are valued.

Our work in Lower School is underpinned by the development of positive and trusting relationships.  Staff get to know the pupils and provide individualised support.  We know that schooling has been difficult for many pupils, and we work hard to prove that school can be a positive experience and that when times are tough, we are there to support them.