Pentir is a residential home for up to three young people. Our home provides a warm, welcoming nurturing environment, where young people can build resilience and form lasting relationships with staff and peers. All young people are assigned a key worker who will support them to achieve positive outcomes from the day they move into the home, until the time comes for them to move on.

The young people have their own rooms which they can personalise to their own liking. The home is situated close to Headlands School with a short walk to Penarth town Centre for the young people to have easy access to the local amenities, shops, cafes, beach, leisure centres etc. Our cook provides us with a variety of delicious home cooked meals that the young people can have an input of what meals they would like to have on the menu.  

The interests of our young people are as important to us as they are to them, and we encourage them to access a wide range of hobbies and activities throughout the evenings and weekends. We strive for our young people to feel safe, trust in us, have fun and be happy.