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Drama & Dance

The Drama and Dance group first began in 2012 giving students the opportunity to develop confidence in public speaking and to use dance to improve physical skills.

Since 2012, it has gained many members both on and off the stage. They take part in a mixture of drama, music and dance events, at least eight times a year. The students have performed shows written by themselves and their drama teacher, and popular shows such as Grease, Romeo and Juliet and Disney.

The group has staged plays in Penarth’s Paget Rooms Theatre, The Penarth Pavilion Cinema, Chapter Arts, and ValleysKids “The Pop Factory”.

Those involved also have the chance to take part in work experience in local theatres during productions.

Education and learning

Drama at Headlands School includes supported dramatic play opportunities and opportunities to create, perform and respond to their own and each other’s performances. Creative drama and dramatic play allow students to express an array of life events feelings and emotions. Tension and anxiety are released in a controlled and safe environment, reducing outbursts. Drama themes complement the termly PSE themes which offers a thematic approach to learning and reinforces key learning points.

Headlands School has its own Theatre in Education team, which organises at least three educational performances a year.

The Drama Schemes of Work, which include schemes in GCSE Drama/Music/Media, Entry Pathways, Drama/ PSE (SWEET) and Expressive Arts, have been designed especially for the needs of the young people. The Schemes of Work include yearly planners and Curriculum Maps showing lesson objectives, outcomes and subject topics. These can easily be differentiated to suit any recent issues that may occur. The Drama and PSE team communicate regularly to make sure they are supporting all pupils with specialised themes through their curriculum.