Proposed development plan

The ‘Old Hotel’ development

Developing an inspirational learning and community space 

Headlands School has been serving society’s most vulnerable children and young people for over 100 years, and much has changed since we first provided care and education for children orphaned because of the First World War.  What remains intact, is our passion and commitment to providing innovative, creative, and engaging learning experiences, so our learners can start thinking positively about themselves and their futures. 

The ‘Old Hotel’ building provides the backdrop to our future vision, providing a unique and exciting opportunity to extend our innovative and creative work.  As a result, we are working with a sector-leading team of building and design professionals to recommission this disused space.  The aim is simple, to provide the school and our community with an excellent range of exciting learning and social spaces.  Prospective facilities include: an auditorium for performing arts and community events, specialist teaching facilities, independent living skills zones, and teaching kitchens with restaurants and cafes.  

Our school has held a prominent place in our community for over a century, and this plan will help us revive an important building, securing another 100 years of working for the children who need it most. 

If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding this project, we’d love to hear about them.  Contact us via email

Matt Burns


Coloured Site Plan

Coloured Elevations