Learn and understand more about our school, by reading the thoughts of our staff, placement students and young people.

Our young people

“The best thing about school is the staff.”

“We feel supported in our choices.”

“The teachers care about me.”

“I love playing football on our 4G pitch. ”

“I like my classroom in school.”

“I like the staff as they are nice to me.”

Placement students

I am thankful that I have joined a community that creates a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for young people and staff. I have witnessed the real life and long-term impact that a relational approach, which puts the child at the centre of thinking, can have on the progression of young people with a wide range of developmental trauma. Above all, I have thrived in making genuine connections with young people and allowing them to be vulnerable, open and co-regulate with me. These are skills that I will forever value and take forward in my psychology career” 

“Working at Headlands school as a psychology student this year, has provided me with an invaluable and highly enjoyable experience. I have been part of a close-knit team that has shown me first-hand the value of teamwork, efficiency and empathy. The supportive and nurturing environment of Headlands has also enabled me to  access a more caring side of myself, and the positive affect that this utmost care can have on our young people and how it can strengthen relationships. Simultaneously, this placement year has given me realistic insight into how developmental trauma can manifest and strategies of dealing with this, both in short and long term, which I could have never learned from a textbook.”

Headlands staff

“I love working at Headlands. I really enjoy the fact that every person, both staff and pupils are encouraged to be themselves. I have made so many amazing positive relationships here and I love seeing the school and all the staff and learners within it develop and grow.”

 “I love working at Headlands because we are all one big happy family! It’s a great place to work.”

“After 13 years at Headlands I can still say I have never had two days the same. The determination of our staff to create a sense of belonging for our pupils and give them the tools they need to cope with difficult feelings and emotions never fails to amaze me.  Working with a group of people who are dedicated to changing the view of our pupils that school is an unsafe place where they experience repeated failure, to a place of security and positivity, is an absolute privilege.”

“The staff team feel like a family.” 

“I like working amongst a supportive group of people and making strong relationships with young people to allow them to thrive.

“I enjoy working at Headlands as you develop special relationships with a number of different types of children which is valuable and rewarding.”

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