The Voice


‘The Voice’ is a participation radio station run by the pupils – ‘For the kids, by the kids’.  Pupils past and present are facilitating radio sessions, allowing former pupils to come back to the school to maintain their emotional links with somewhere that has been so important to them, whilst also supporting current pupils with the difficulties that they face every day.  Former pupils will also take on the role of mentor to the younger pupils.  ‘The Voice’ will also be used as the driving force to develop literacy skills across the curriculum, providing different support to the pupils who struggle with literacy.  As well as developing literacy and other new skills, ‘The Voice’ will support older pupils with the chance to learn and develop work related skills, helping them gain the ‘cutting edge’ as they take the difficult next step in life.  Pupils will be supported with making healthy and positive choices in their lives, with topics discussed and covered on radio shows linking closely into the PSE curriculum, specifically targeting the issues that pupils find difficult, acting as the driving force to develop pupil’s wellbeing.

‘The Voice’ will be inclusive, and will allow all pupils to take on different roles, not just those in music and drama, such as sound technicians and script writers etc.  ‘The Voice’ will support pupils with their studies, contributing to their GCSE qualifications in Drama, Music and English, as well as being able to gain specific qualifications linked to the radio, such as Level 1 and 2 Award in Radio Production.  Pupils will be able to meet the criteria outlined in the Digital Competency Framework by working on ‘identity, image and reputation, health and wellbeing’ as well as encouraging ‘communication, collaboration and creativity’.  This project will support the school in achieving their KPI’s, linking closely with the School Improvement Targets (SIP) where pupils develop their writing skills across the curriculum and pupils develop a wider range of appropriate ICT skills.  It will also unlock areas of the ‘Successful Futures’ curriculum in Wales which was produced following the Donaldson Report, where pupils will have learning experiences beyond the classroom, where they can ‘take creative risks and make informed decisions to express feelings and ideas’.  ‘The Voice’ will also offer different training opportunities, both external and internal, for staff, pupils and parents.  With its proposed link with the community, Headlands and ‘The Voice’ will become the hub of the community, developing partnerships with other schools and community organisations.


Please visit the radio station’s website to find out more information.

To listen, scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click ‘Listen Live’ or listen to recorded content on our Soundcloud page.

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