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XP Visit

During my recent visit to the XP school, I was struck by the profound impact of simple but effective practices within the learning environment. One such practice was witnessing how the crew circled up during their designated crew time.

The act of circling up created a sense of unity and community among the crew, fostering an environment where collaboration, challenge and support thrived. This communal approach not only spoke volumes about the XP’s culture but also left me contemplating the potential ripple effect within my own teaching community.

Moreover, the beautiful work produced by the students was a testament to the effectiveness of this collaborative spirit. It was heartening to witness how the individual pieces of work seamlessly came together to form a collective expression of creativity and learning. The resulting products, such as the video they had cocreated on immigration, not only showcased the students’ talents but also became valuable contributions for social justice in the wider community.

The idea of circling up, both metaphorically and literally, serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that unity can have on the overall learning experience for our pupils, fostering a sense of connection between staff and pupils.

Observing how the beautiful work of the students transformed into tangible products that they could take pride in emphasized the significance of meaningful learning outcomes. It reaffirmed my belief in the value of creating opportunities for students to showcase their talents and contributions beyond the classroom walls.

In conclusion, my visit to XP school was not just an exploration of their physical spaces but a journey into the heart of effective teaching practices. The simple act of circling up and the resulting beautiful work showcased the institute’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and empowering learning environment. As I return to my own teaching community, I am inspired to integrate these insights, creating a space where my students can also take pride in their collective achievements. – Rhiannon