Extra-curricular activities


Pupils at Headlands School are encouraged to take part in a wide range of out-of-school activities.  Organised in association with their individual needs and care plans, the structured groups of recreational activities helps promote inclusion, explore interests and build on self-esteem and skills development.

Some examples of recent activities include cycling trips both in the UK and abroad, Tri-Athlon club, rock climbing, snow boarding, football, fishing, horse riding, surfing, canoeing and camping.

Pupils also benefit from a range of opportunities to be involved in the local community, such as  participating in drama events, taking part in inter-school football and athletics tournaments and attending the local leisure centre.

Spokes cycle shop

Pupils from across the key stages are making full use of the Spokes bicycle facility, which has been established as a training and maintenance workshop within the school.  Trained staff are teaching the puSpokes 1pils key cycle maintenance skills and then the bikes are road-tested along some of the local routes, providing exercise and enjoyment for those involved!

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