In Upper School, we aim to consolidate and build upon the skills and knowledge that pupils have already gained and developed in Lower and Middle School (or elsewhere) and continue to give all pupils a broad and balanced experience to enable them the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.  We aim to find successful ways of igniting interests, stimulating passions and increasing confidence in our pupils, regardless of their background or ability.  We focus on finding effective and creative ways to deliver the curriculum, communicate high expectations and raise individual’s aspirations and ambitions to succeed in everything they choose to do, commensurate with their abilities.  We do this by working towards worthwhile activities and qualifications like Duke of Edinburgh Award, GCSE English and Preparation for Working Life. 

Central to our work in Upper School is a relational approach, where the way we interact and communicate with our pupils embodies respect, inclusiveness, honesty, compassion, cooperation and humility, as well as our core values of acceptance, relationships, opportunities and growth.  By using Dyadic Developmental Practise (DDP) we support and develop all pupils’ social and emotional skills.  These skills underpin their access to the curriculum and ensure that all pupils become more effective learners and consequently reach their full potential.  This is done in a trusting learning environment, which promotes safety, within a range of learning experiences appropriate to their needs.